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Services We Offer

Routine Pathology:

Processing of routine tissues (biopsies, excisions, resections) and non-gynecologic cytology specimens is performed at Vista Pathology’s lab and at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. Microscopic evaluation can be performed at all sites. Frozen sections are performed at all sites. At Asante Ashland Community Hospital, pathology coverage for on-site frozen sections is available Mondays and Wednesdays from 8–noon, and on Tuesdays with prior notification. After-hours coverage for frozen sections is available by contacting our lab. To reach the pathologist on call, please dial 541-770-4559.

Consultation on Outside Material:

We frequently review cases from outside pathology labs when a patient is referred to a regional facility for treatment, when a second opinion is requested or to perform immunohistochemical analysis. To have a patient’s prior pathology reviewed, simply call the pathology practice that issued the original report on the case and request that the slides be sent to Vista Pathology. We will review the slides and issue a full report. If you would like assistance in coordinating this process, please call us at 541-770-4559.

Muscle and Nerve Biopsies:

Muscle and nerve biopsies are performed to evaluate for a variety of disorders through the use of routine histology, special stains, electron microscopy and other modalities. Many studies require the availability of fresh tissue, i.e., not fixed in formalin. Therefore, biopsy tissue must be submitted on saline moistened gauze that is placed in a sterile container, with the container (not the tissue) placed on wet ice. To schedule a Muscle and Nerve Biopsy with Dr. Randal Nixon, our neuropathologist, please call 541-770-4559.

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsy:

Dr. Allison Loudermilk and Dr. Robin Pike perform FNA’s on palpable lesions of the salivary glands, thyroid, lymph nodes, breast, soft tissues and other sites. The advantage of a pathologist-collected FNA is on-site evaluation during the procedure, which greatly enhances adequacy of the collected specimen. In addition, this intra-operative preliminary review aids in the appropriate triage of the aspirated material for special testing such as flow cytometry or culture studies. FNA’s are performed routinely at Vista’s lab, at RRMC, and by arrangement at TRMC. To schedule an FNA, please call 541-770-4559.

Specialty Pathology Services:

To schedule specialty studies on non-tumor-related kidney biopsies or immunofluorescence studies on skin or other sites, please call ahead so that supplies and shipping can be arranged appropriately. Our number is 541-770-4559.

Supplies and Courier:

For pathology supplies, such as formalin containers, requisition slips, Pap supplies, or to schedule a courier pick-up, please call 541-770-4559.


An autopsy is a critically important tool in fully understanding the course of a patient’s illness, hospital course and death. Vista Pathology conducts full or limited autopsies on hospital patients at the request of the treating physician/provider, with appropriate consent granted by the legal next of kin. Autopsies are a service provided by Vista Pathology and the hospitals; the family of the deceased is not charged a fee and there is no insurance billing. An autopsy is initially arranged through the nursing supervisor on duty at each respective hospital and it is the nursing supervisor who will provide consent forms and notify pathology. Due to the considerable staffing support required by an autopsy, these procedures are not performed on weekends or holidays. Vista Pathology does not perform private autopsies at this time.