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Tissue sample

Why Choose Vista Pathology?

You may not realize you even have a choice when it comes to pathology and laboratory services. In the course of what may be a stressful event, such as having a breast or prostate biopsy or having a suspicious mole removed, you probably haven't considered choosing a pathologist to examine the sample and make a diagnosis. You do have a choice, and here are some factors to consider.

Vista Pathology is a local practice of 11 pathologists, all fully trained in the U.S. and fully board-certified. We perform general pathology services, and, among the eleven of us, have received additional, specialty training in the diseases of skin, breast, blood and bone marrow, brain and nervous system, medical chemistry, infectious diseases and examination of cells from body fluids and Pap tests. We are locally available to your doctor to discuss your tests, including reviewing your individual case at the microscope for added understanding. Large, national labs can also perform basic pathology services. However, we provide the flexibility of a small, independent lab that can tailor services to our local medical community and provide immediate and personal consultation to your doctor.

Rest assured, however, that your case will receive the utmost in diagnostic expertise. While we stand behind our work, we do not hesitate to ask for another opinion if we are facing a particularly challenging case or a very rare condition. We routinely send cases to pathologists at renowned medical centers such as Stanford, the Mayo Clinic, the Harvard system of hospitals, and John Hopkins, among others, for outside, expert opinions.

So by choosing Vista Pathology, you get the best of two worlds: local, specialized service and access to nationwide experts.